Callicrate Smart Bander Kit

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The Callicrate Smart Bander Kit is the complete set for humanely castrating any size bull 300 to 3,000 lbs. Callicrate’s extra-strong loops are produced using a special latex formula that is over three times stronger than other premade latex rings. The cattle castration tool kit comes with patented no-slip clips that hold the tension for immediate and total blocking of the blood vessels for faster scrotal drop with less pain and swelling. Because each castration band is ratcheted to the precise tightness required, each use provides a custom fit. The Smart Bander is spring loaded with an indicator that senses proper tightness. Scrotum should fall off in 20 to 35 days. Vaccinate with tetanus toxoid according to label directions. The Callicrate Smart Bander Kit comes with a bander, 5 loops, cutter, and a carrying case.

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