Ultrabac 7 Cattle and Sheep Vaccine, 1000mL-200 dose

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clostridium chauvoei | clostridium novyi | clostridium perfringens type C | clostridium perfringens type D | clostridium septicum | clostridium sordellii

Killed bacterial vaccine for protection against diseases caused by Cl. chauvoei, septicum, novyi, sordellii and perfringens types C & D in healthy cattle and sheep. 

Dosage: Cattle - 5 ml subcutaneously; Sheep - 2.5 ml subcutaneously. Revaccinate in 4-6 weeks. Revaccinate annually. 21 day slaughter withdrawal. 


 Temperature Sensitive (Vaccines and Other Refrigerated Items) along with Rx products are non-returnable. exemptions apply.

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