Eazi-Breed CIDR (Progesterone) Cattle Insert, 10 Count

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Cattle insemination tool. T-shaped device impregnated with 1.38 gm progesterone, which when placed in the animal's vagina, continuously releases progesterone. Removing the Eazi Breed CIDR insert 7 days later, after an injection of Lutalyse on day 6, triggers estrus and ovulation.

Use Easy Breed CIDR for: synchronization of estrus in suckled beef cows and replacement beef and dairy heifers; advancement of first postpartum estrus in suckled beef cows; advancement of first pubertal estrus in replacement beef heifers; synchronization of the return of estrus in lactating dairy cows inseminated at the immediately preceding estrus (do not administer Lutalyse as it will interrupt a pregnancy that may have occurred). This system allows you to start breeding programs at any stage of the estrous cycle, which gives you a new solution for synchronization.

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