Estrotect Breeding Indicators

Color: Red/Orange
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Breeding indicators are now better than ever with patent pending Breeding Bullseye technology – ultra-effective at identifying cows that are in heat while providing pinpoint timing for breeding protocols. Tell you with precision exactly when the animal should be bred to achieve optimal pregnancy results. 

When cows experience mounting activity, the silver and black surface ink is rubbed off via friction to reveal the indicator color of your choice. Once more of the fluorescent indicator is visible, the animal is in standing heat and breeding protocol should be initiated. Third-party research has shown that when the Breeding Bullseye – or equivalent surface area – is rubbed off, confirmed pregnancy rates can increase by up to 3 times! 

Apply once during breeding cycle. Work 24 hours a day throughout the 21-day heat cycle. When applied correctly, should stay on for up to 8 weeks. Easy to apply – adhesive allows for easy application and reliable adhesion even in intense conditions.

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