JustiFLY Feedthrough for Cattle

Size: 360GM
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EPA-approved insect growth regulator for control of horn, stable, house and face flies in manure of pasture and confinement cattle and calves, including veal calves. No other larvicide controls 4 flies and is available in convenient packaging ideal for mixing with minerals!

Contains 3% diflubenzuron.

When mixed with feed or mineral supplements, diflubenzuron passes through digestive tract and into feces in sufficient concentration to kill fly larvae, breaking the life cycle. Controls infestation by inhibiting development of fly larvae in manure and feces of treated animals. Diflubenzuron has shown no fly resistance problems.

May be used in an integrated pest management fly control program. Non-toxic; contains no harsh chemicals.

Directions: Mix into feed or mineral supplement according to label. Pre-mixture guarantees uniform dispersion in final feed product. Place mixture in feeders close to water and/or resting areas. Use one feeder for 15-20 head of cattle. Reduced animal-handling stress, no withdrawal period. 360 gm scoop enclosed. 12 lb bag treats 175 animals per month. 

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