Lifeline 100 Nourish Colostrum Replacer for Newborn Beef and Dairy Calves

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Provides 100 grams globulin protein in a single feeding, plus added fat and carbohydrates for an optimal start. Quickly see livelier, more vibrant calves. Nutritionally equivalent to feeding maternal colostrum to newborns. Highly palatable, consistent performance.

Easy mixing, powdered formula contains 35% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 0.25% crude fiber, 1% ADF, min 0.4%/max 0.9% calcium, 0.4% phosphorus, min 1.6%/max 2.1% salt, min 0.5%/max 1% sodium, 0.2% potassium, 0.3 ppm, 5,000 IU/lb vitamin A and 22% globulin protein.

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