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Perfect solution for cows during sickness, at calving and at times of reduced intake. Helps raise blood calcium and magnesium levels, minimizes body fat mobilization, restores lost electrolytes, stimulates rumen microbial growth and helps maintain liver health. Calcium provides energy to support the demands of lactation. Alfalfa supplies a nutritious source of soluble protein to support rumen bacteria growth. Hilyses® provides a consistent supply of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and other metabolites.

Contains min 8% crude protein, min 10% crude fat, max 16% crude fiber, min 4%/max 6% calcium, min 4.5%/max 6.5% salt and min 2600mg/lb niacin.

Directions: Mix 4.5 lbs powder with 5 or more gallons water; administer using esophageal drench system.

50 lb requires a UPS Special Handling Charge.

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